Ipad bag made with handles with personalized and customized designs

Extending the product portfolio


If you are deep inside the ocean then you will swim.

So though we had made many laptop sleeves and were proficient in it we had not made an Ipad bag with handles. Subconsciously you begin to understand the meaning of the learning curve and how you connect your skills and knowledge as you grow older in the trade.

The concept of handles on bags was one which we were savvy with. The laptop sleeve was a synch ( with practice ofcourse). It was time to put the two techniques together when there was an order for two Ipad bags with handles for twins, a boy and a girl.

Trial Ensures Less Errors

Practice always is better before the actual So it was to be a sample bag.

Lo and behold we found the ‘scape  Lion’ !!( no not the proverbial goat in scape goat).Yes, Charity and Trial both begin at home. Covid times and work from home meant my husband was cooking up a storm or rather baking a few items which he told us we should address as cake, pizza etc. well we changed many of our cooking terms in those days. It was his birthday as well, so I decided to embroider one side with the readymade design of Bakers Knead Love too .The second side we used  a readymade design lion since he isa Leo and I put the text ’Older the lion, Louder the growl’,


By the way we use Embrilliance for digitising, assembling designs together and for locating the design in our system.There is definitely something exciting about using a special program to see the designs or use the million ways in which Embrilliance encourages to get creative. I have hardly had any time to explore the finer nuances.I will write a separate post about our experiments with Embrillaince,

Well, my husband loves chillies and the more colourful the more enthusiastic he is about trying them.Hence the fabric was apt.I had purchased this from someone who was decluttering. Often we find interesting fabric material in this way.

The main outer fabrics were canvas.The canvas has a good grip and can be embroidered upon with ease where the design shows up as do the colours.

If you notice carefully the R in the Growl is also capital because my husband’s name starts with R. These are the special kinds of customisation which really excite us as creators.The handle was the same chilly fabric to add colour to what could have been very simple and mundane. The inner fabric was quilted with a batting to ensure it stays stable.

This project was put together very quickly infact on the day of his birthday and given to him as a gift in the night when he was totally surprised. Covid times meant we were at home so working secretively was a task in itself.

The best thing about customising is we can adapt the size of the bag. Infact sometimes we have had customers ask us for a pocket inside to keep the charger.

Suitably armed with the Know- How of the Ipad bag with handle we were ready to implement the order.The order has to continue in a new article because the customer became a friend of Sew A Gift and as is expected of our customers went on to repeat orders with us.










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