Being passionate about your work means you can do it even when you are short of time.

When you are short of time you are visualizing it before you start doing.

When you are visualizing you are manifesting the event itself.

When in reality the maestro asks, “How many hours did it take”, you know the hard , handwork made with devotion was well worth it.

Musical Musings

Malhaar is a wonderful music and dance training institute where my daughter learnt tabla. Tabla is a set of two drums used in Indian classical music. The two drums are the tabla and the bayan, which are played together to create intricate rhythms and sounds. The tabla has a single membrane made of either leather or plastic stretched over an iron or clay shell. The bayan is the larger of the two drums and has a double membrane made of leather or plastic stretched over an iron or clay shell. This learning gave her an opportunity, and us as her parents to listen to many musical doyens who visited Malhaar and conducted workshops for the audience.

The guest of honour that day was the maestro. Dr. L Subramaniam is an Indian violinist, composer, and conductor well known for his virtuosity in both classical Carnatic and western styles of music. He has collaborated with a variety of renowned musicians from around the world and is widely respected for his ability to bring together different musical genres. Dr. L Subramaniam has also composed more than 400 compositions and released over 50 albums. He has earned many awards, including four Grammy nominations, Padma Bhushan by the Government of India, Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration, and many more.

Flashback September 2019  :

Dr. L. Subramaniam, violin maestro, was visiting Malhaar for a workshop called “Viraasat”. This gift was quickly assembled together. The Violin, the Virasat, (click the link to see the work in progress) Luggage tag with musical chords as the rear fabric.

As I presented it to him, he looked at it for a few minutes. I explained the purpose of the tag to him .

And then he asked me , “How many hours did it take”? I told him no Sir, and what can we give to a person like you who has everything.

The original post is here.

In times where everyone can afford everything, and have an opinion on what they want to keep close to their heart, the luggage tag is one of the most cost effective Personalized Customized gifts possible.

The Luggage Tag

The luggage tag is mostly a 3.5 inches by 4.5inches rectangle with the top layer where we do the embroidery is usually plain or very light coloured self printed fabric. The middle layer is a batting which we use to give the shape and the third outer layer is where we use our creativity in finding fabrics which are suitable because plain is so ‘boring’ .

At Sew A Gift there is no such word as ‘boring’. There is an elastic attached to the tag so you can hook the tag to your bag. No more searching for your bags in the airport. No more taking someone else’s bag home.

Own your bag and your tag. Tag your bag.

Continue with us in our journey as I go back and forth with some present and some past.





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