Three people have received gifts one organizer, one pouch and one mug rug.

Friend of ‘Sew A Gift’, Rupa had asked us earlier also to make gifts for her. This one was to be different. It was for three teachers by a group of students. It was to one which was embodied with an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

They wanted to give a gift which would indicate their respect love and remain with the teachers for a very long time in their mind as well as something they could put to use immediately.

Group Gifting:

Group Gifting is a gift giving trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is the perfect solution for those who want to give a larger or more expensive gift to someone but can’t afford it on their own. With group gifting, friends and family can pool their money together for a larger or more meaningful gift. Group gifting also allows everyone involved to get creative, since they can discuss what type of gift they’d like to buy before making any decisions. Group gifting is a great way to show someone you care and make sure they get something special without breaking the bank! Where Group Gifting has many advantages for the giver and recipient, we as the makers have a lot of coordination to do.

Research based work

In a simple poll on LinkedIn when we asked from our Company Webpage of Sew A Gift  people said they buy for various reasons but no one said they buy in anticipation of an event.

Now events like graduation, or completion of a set of training is actually a natural culmination of an event or series of event however people don’t have time to think in advance and that creates a last minute purchase where people may or may not be able to find a suitable gift or could be gifting something which is from the shelf/from the online shop.

Personalizing and Customizing

Showing Fabrics, Text, Fonts, Design, Budget with one person is different and when they further have to coordinate and get approvals it is time consuming.

Since our gifts need time to customize ,they are not actually an impulse buy or off the shelf model.

The 8 students who learnt life lessons from their  three  spiritual teachers wanted to thank them.

Rupa reached out to us.

We decided on a mug rug, a pouch and an organizer since the budget was definitely in consideration.

Fabric choice
Different types of fabrics choice
Fabric Choice Selection.

Rupa was our go between and infact this project became a levy to other projects we did for her as group gift.

The next phase was around the words, the fabric and font design and smaller details including size.






Text Choice

If you see the following image you can see that each child gave their input making it so much more personal for them and for their teachers.

Image of the Text on the gifts.
Thanking the Teachers.



Customer is King,



Whole Kingdom

Lead by Example

8 kids gave these as Thank You gifts while highlighting the quality they learnt to imbibe. A true case of lead by example. The Happy faces and the original post here are indication of how well the gifts were received. Happy customer Rupa who ordered this on behalf of the children, Happy children, Happy recipients make us very Happy @SewAGift

No Substitute for a smile  nor for a personalized and customized gift.





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